2 - 11 yrs.

Our Holistic Approach

As part of the holistic approach to well being, we focus on promoting life force by combining lifeaffirming mental attitudes, purification therapies complemented by the curative elements of localgrown herbs.

Ginger:Aids Digestive system. Used mostly in spa drinks
Red Rice:Used in our sunburn wrap due to its soothing and moisturizing properties.
Coffee Bean:Clinically proven for its firming benefits, coffee is used in our Anti-Cellulite therapies
Pandanus Leaf:With a sweet-aroma scent, the leaves are used in fragrant floral baths for calming effects.
Kaffir Lime:Rich in anti-oxidant and anti bacterial benefits,this herb is used in our foot rituals and body scrubs.
Lemongrass:Considered as a sacred herb, it is used abundantly in our scrubs, facials to calm the nervous system.
Neam Leaf:Traditionally used to reduce skin infections, our signature foot ritual uses Neam for its anti fungal properties.
Turmeric:With powerful astringent and cleansing properties, Turmeric is used in our body treatments to promote glowing skin
Body Treatment

Tanaka Body Wrap
The miracle herb from Myanmar. Design for body wrap to sooth your skin illumination.
Price : 60 Min / 1,900 Baht

Herbal Firming Wrap
A special Thai herb that perfect for women to reveal healthy beautiful skin, this Galangal with Turmeric powder and Black pepper to reduce cellulite. A relaxing head massage is applied while you are cocooned in the soothing wrap.
Price: 60 Min / 1,900 Baht

Aloe Vera Gel Body Wrap
This treatment has been specifically designed to rejuvenate tired and damage skin with Aloe Vera Gel
Price: 60 Min / 1,800 Baht

Thai Herbal
The facial massage treatment from local people that used special techniques with Thai herbal to make a deep cleanse, tone, scrub, mask to make you feel relax by organic aromatherapy oils. FamousThai traditional ingredients such as lemongrass,tamarind, oatmeal, cucumber are used to show your skin and promote silky smooth complexion.
Price: 60 Min / 1,800 Baht

After Sun Facial
Specifically designed to relieve pain and damage caused by over exposure to the sun. A nourishing blend of Aloe Vera Gel and cooling cucumber as a mask to encourage moisture and restore a natural balance.
Price: 60 Min / 1,800 Baht

Coconut + Honey + Rice Body Scrub
Coconut body scrub smells wonderful and will leave your skin in excellent condition. This recipe for coconut scrub will relax you and help your skin look young and more radiant. This is high quality ingredients without outrageously high prices.
Price: 60 Min / 1,750 Baht

Sesame Body Scrub
Suitable for dry skin. Moisturize from honey and vitamin E from sesame will protect skin from UV sun.
Price: 60 Min / 1,750 Baht

Tamarind Body Scrub
This treatment initiates with a softening. Tamarind scrub to remove dead skin cells and gently prepares your skin for nourishing Botanical body wrap.
Price: 60 Min / 1,750 Baht

Salt Body Scrub
Designed for absolute relaxation, this scrub treatment cleans. Away dead and peeling skin leaving a smooth, Relaxed polished feel.
Price: 60 Min / 1,750 Baht

Refresh your body and mind an Aromatic milky Bath
Price: 30 Min / 750 Baht

Steam Clean and clear surface skin with heat treatment, preparing the skin to absorb more nourishment. Helps to stimulate blood circulation.
Price: 30 Min / 500 Baht

Hand Scrub + Nail Trim + Massage + Color
Price: 60 Min / 700 Baht

Nail Trim + Massage + Color
Price: 60 Min / 900 Baht

Feet Scrub
Price: 60 Min / 900 Baht